Proof of vaccination to board flights, go to restaurants, and attend large events has become increasingly common. OneRecord makes it easy to carry your vaccination health records on your phone or device in a convenient, digital, and verifiable format called Health Cards.

OneRecord Health Cards are based on SMART Health Cards, an open standard and technology developed by the SMART Health IT project at the Boston Children’s Hospital Computational Health Informatics Program. The format is designed to easily connect people with their health records in a shareable and verifiable format.

SMART Health Card technology currently supports clinical data from vaccination records and COVID-19 test result records. At this time, OneRecord’s Health Cards only support clinical vaccination records, but more compatibility may come in the future.

To add a Health Card to your OneRecord via the web you must request a .smart-health-card file from anywhere that stores your clinical information and supports SMART Health Cards. This could be your hospital, health system, doctor’s office, pharmacy, or even state and local registries. Once you have a .smart-health-card file, click on the Health Cards section of OneRecord and upload your file to safely store your vaccination records.

Health Cards contain clinical information such as your name, date of birth, vaccine manufacturer, lot number, where your vaccine was administered, and the dates your vaccine doses were administered. All of this information is encoded into a QR code that can be presented at participating venues to verify your vaccination status without having to share your full health history.

If your records are not in a .smart-health-card file you will not be able to upload it to Health Cards. However, we do have some alternative options you can use to access specific records conveniently.

If you already have vaccination records in your OneRecord that have been retrieved from your patient portal, you can convert these into convenient Wallet Passes on any supported iOS device with the OneRecord app, available on the Apple App Store. Details on this process can be found in this article.

If you do not have the record you're wishing to save tied to a patient portal and do not have a .smart-health-card file to upload, you can also use OneRecord’s Files feature to upload and save your documents, such as a picture of your CDC vaccination card, for quick access on any device. Details on this can be found in this article.


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