How can I get a SMART Health Card?
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Curious about how to get a SMART Health Card? The process is straightforward, and these dynamic cards may be obtained from various organizations that hold your clinical information, such as pharmacies, doctor's offices, or state registries. Let's explore the different avenues through which you can acquire your SMART Health Card.

Issuers of SMART Health Cards

SMART Health Cards can be issued by a range of organizations that have access to your clinical information. This includes pharmacies, doctor's offices, and state registries. To find a comprehensive list of issuers, you can refer to the official list provided here.

Issuance Methods

Depending on the organization, there are several ways you may receive your SMART Health Card:

  • Handed to You in Person:

    • A paper copy of your SMART Health Card may be handed to you directly by the organization at the time of your visit. This is a convenient way to receive immediate access to your health records.

  • Mailed to You:

    • In some cases, organizations may opt to mail a paper copy of your SMART Health Card to your address after your visit. This ensures that you have a physical copy for your records.

  • Downloaded from a Website or App:

    • Many organizations provide the option to download your SMART Health Card from their official website or app. This digital version can be printed for a physical copy or saved as a file for easy access.

Choosing the Method that Works for You

The method of issuance may vary depending on the organization and your preferences. Whether you prefer a physical copy handed to you on the spot, a mailed paper copy, or a digital version downloaded from a website or app, the choice is often yours.

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