Saving Your Vaccination Records to Your Apple Wallet
Written by Brianne Davidson
Updated over a week ago

We believe having convenient access to your vaccination records is crucial in this day and age. Onerecord has followed along with this need and has added the ability to save your vaccination records to your Apple wallet. To do this, first login to your Onerecord mobile application and connect to your doctor or hospital's patient portal where your vaccination records are stored. Once you have successfully connected, you will need to:

  • Tap on your ‘Health’ tab in your Onerecord mobile application

  • Scroll to your ‘Medical Records’

  • Tap on the immunizations category

  • Tap on the immunization you would like to save to your Apple Wallet

  • Tap on the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button at the bottom of the immunization details

While this feature is currently only available for iOS users, we are constantly growing and expanding our capabilities to eventually be inclusive of Android users as well.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via the "help button" in the bottom right hand corner of the screen or email us at

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