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Your Files folder in OneRecord isn't just another storage space โ€“ it's a powerful tool helping you construct and manage your Medical Records effortlessly. Let's explore how this feature works and enhances your healthcare journey.

Versatile File Support

  • Your Files folder operates like any ordinary folder, but with added versatility. OneRecord supports various file types, including PDFs, images, and XML files. This flexibility allows you to upload, store, and share diverse medical documents seamlessly.

Intelligent XML Analysis

  • OneRecord goes a step further by analyzing XML files for medical data. This intelligent feature identifies relevant health information within XML files, automatically importing it into your Medical Records. It's a smart way to ensure your records stay comprehensive and up-to-date.

Privacy at the Core

  • Rest assured, everything you upload to OneRecord is private by default. Your data remains confidential unless you choose to share it. OneRecord is meticulously designed to prioritize and safeguard your privacy at all times.

Partner Network Integration

  • Your health records go beyond what you manually upload. OneRecord collaborates with partner networks, ensuring that relevant health documents are automatically placed in your Files folder. This inclusive approach means your Medical Records grow more detailed with each new document.

Seamless Review and Management

  • Your Files folder is a central hub where you can effortlessly review, download, share, or add any health documents to your Medical Records. This streamlined process simplifies the management of your healthcare information.

Continuous Improvement

  • With every new document added, your OneRecord evolves. The platform is dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive and evolving history of your health journey. It's not just a promise; it's our commitment to delivering all your health records in one place.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via the "help button" in the bottom right hand corner of the screen or email us at

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