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Connecting securely to your data
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At OneRecord, we want to make managing health records simpler, clearer and more convenient. Our hopes in doing so, it gives you something even more important, power over their own care. 


OneRecord is built on a complex network of APIs that gives you direct access to your data. Enabling access involves using your patient portal username and password to verify you remotely with your health system or provider. Once the your username and password unlock the API then your data is sent to you via OneRecord. This is accomplished by a technical security standard named OAuth2.0.

Next, you’ll go to the private login page for your patient portal. You’ll need to authorize OneRecord to access your data. You always own your data 100%.

Go to your portal login

Next, you will be redirected to a private URL of your portal login. This is a secure connection where you can authorize OneRecord to access your data on your behalf.

Your privacy

The purpose of this screen is to inform you of what is about to happen so that you feel comfortable

At OneRecord, you come first. Not just your health care, but your private information too. No one should have to trade their privacy for access to any service. We will always be transparent about the data we collect, and how we use it in making our services work better for you. We want to be as transparent as possible so we highlighted the most frequently asked questions regarding data use.

Who owns my data in OneRecord?

You own your data 100%. We do not sell your data.

Other than me, who has access to my data?

No one. You own your data. That means you can share it with whom you want. when you want and how you want. 

That means:

  • Your family.

  • Your care team.

  • The people and groups you authorize.

  • Clinical researchers who you wish to share it with.

Can I obtain a record of the data that has been collected in my OneRecord?

Yes, we enable you to obtain a complete record of the data that has been collected. 

Can I delete the data that has been stored about them?

Yes, OneRecord lets users delete all of the data in your OneRecord.

Other than providing direct service to me, how do you use data about me? 

We collect data to improve our user experience, your ability to collect your medical records and data, and to build future services. Everything we do is to help you make managing healthcare easier.

For how long does this OneRecord store my data?

OneRecord stores your data for/until you opt to delete your account. Upon deletion, only audit and disclosure information is retained i.e. a log of anyone you might have shared your data with through OneRecord. All personal health information is purged.

Can I obtain a record of who has accessed data about them?

Yes, that is why we keep an audit and disclosure log. This enables you to obtain a complete record of who you have shared your data with and who then accessed that shared data.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via the "help button" in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen or email us at

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