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Gathering consent for information sharing

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To participate in data sharing we want you to make the choice. Our first offering within OneRecord is through the CareQuality network where you can opt in. In the future we will give you more options to share your data with who you want and when you want.
We want you to be informed and be able to make your own choices about “Opting-in” or “Opting-out”. It is your data and your OneRecord. 


Consent can take two different forms: Opt-In or Opt-out.

“Opting-in” means that you make an affirmative choice to participate in the Health Information Exchange (HIE) by clicking your acceptance of online terms or signing a document.

“Opting-out” means that your healthcare provider or health insurance plan may take the first step of enrolling you in a HIE, but that you will be informed of that action and given an opportunity to “opt-out” of participating in the HIE.

State Consent Laws

Your state consent laws may be based upon one of three types of authorities: statute, regulation or guidance. A statute is an enactment of the state legislative body that has the force of law. A regulation is a rule created by an authorized body, such as a state agency, which also has the force of law. 

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