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Technical delete account description
Technical delete account description

Here is a description of how the OneRecord system purges your data when you opt to delete your account.

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Here's a summary of what happens when a user opts to Delete their account:

  • User is "unregistered" from any networks in which they were registered by OneRecord 

  • Cached health record data is deleted 

  • User demographic and clinical data is deleted 

  • User audit history is deleted 

  • User documents are deleted 

Delete means that the actual row is deleted. We do NOT mark data as inactive and keep it in the data store.

The only data that is not deleted is Disclosure Log information.  This tracks when any 3rd parties (i.e. parties the consumer consented to) queried for data on the user.  

The reason for retaining this information is that we can provide users with details on who may have accessed their data while their account was still active.

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