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Duplicate data
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OneRecord puts you at the center of your health care by giving you access and ownership of your medical records and health information in one place by building your very own deduplicated and reconciled longitudinal health record. You control your information – to better understand it, to share when you want to, and to empower you to make better choices on your own behalf.

When new medical records or health data is imported into your OneRecord it often can be a duplicate of another record that exists already. Maybe your doctor shared your records with another doctor when they referred you or an ER doctor noted the same medication as your primary doctor in your chart. This creates duplicate data and for you, the user, that duplicate data makes for a less than stellar user experience pulling your data from across healthcare systems and providers.

For OneRecord, a new piece of data either a) represents something in your OneRecord or b) needs to be added to your OneRecord.  The platform preserves all original records/data while standardizing the individual elements so that they can be harmonized and aggregated.  

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