There are three ways you can connect and retrieve your records.

  1. Searching for and connecting to your hospital, network or doctor

  2. Searching for and connecting to your insurance provider

  3. Verifying and authenticating your identity to query for an exact match within our partner network

This article will walk you through verifying and authenticating your identity to retrieve your records.

Step 1: Getting Started

On the ‘Dashboard’  select menu icon and navigate to your settings and locate the 'Profile Summary' portion and select 'Confirm your identity' lnk

Step 2: Identity Verification and & Authentication

Before we can let you search for your records through OneRecord we need to verify and authenticate your identity. You can read more about this in our article dedicated to Identity Verification and & Authentication here. If you pass identity verification & authentication then we can "query" the networks. We apologize if you fail but it is our job to safe guard the networks through OneRecord. 

Step 3: Searching for records

Then a "message" is sent out across the networks. Searching each health system and provider practice enrolled on the networks for your records. There will be a match if we can find you in these health systems and provider locations AND if there are records made available to you, the patient. Also, please know OneRecord will only pull in data that is a 100% match to you. If the system is unsure, we will not request the records.

Step 4: Your records were found!

When there is a 100% match on the network and there are records available - you will be notified that 'your records were found' and they will be deposited into your 'Documents' for your review before they are imported to your 'Master Health Record' with the rest of your data.

If you are having trouble with 'Search' or have questions contact us via the "help icon" in the bottom right hand corner of the screen or email us at

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